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A great farm simulation game! Enter a persistent farming universe with thousands of new cool friends to meet and greet at the marketplace. Besides: The game is offered in the language of your choice! Harvest strawberries, pumpkins, wheat, ... Grow tulips, pineapples, coffee beans, olive trees... Collect eggs... Raise ducks, cows... Buy scarecrows, lanterns, vehicles, ... Achieve quests! There is a lot to do in a farmer's life...

Rating: 4 stars

- Plan ahead the execution of your multiple actions (plowing fields, for example) by clicking on them.

- The shop is accessed through the basket icon on the bottom right part of the screen. Realize that there is much more than seeds to buy there: Trees (bamboo, cherry tree, olive tree, etc.), animals (duck, dog, ...), buildings (barn, windmill, ...), vehicles, decorations, ... Yours to discover!

- A fullscreen mode is available (press the ESC key to exit that mode).

- Settings: The Tire button on the top right part of the screen is useful to set graphics quality.

- Add new fields with the hammer tool icon (in the bottom right part of the screen).

- Earn experience points through activities and achievements to level up.

- The game is free. Notice that buying gold and farm dollars helps in a few ways such as producing crops faster and buying wanted items faster. However playing for free is possible as farm dollars are easily earned during the gameplay. And there exist a few possibilities to earn gold for free: 1. Level up. 2. Accomplish an achievement. 3. Log in for seven days in a row.

- Online players galore (200,000+ players over level 6)! If the marketplace is not full of life, sounds and colors for your language (plenty of languages available!), then try the game in English.